Our Advantage

Unlike many fly-by-night guys with a pick-up truck and a plow, we are a serious, fully insured business with a long track record of success.

We send employees that are educated in snow plowing, snow removal and salting to your facility. Coupled with proper equipment, proper insurance and a "can do" attitude, we are hard to beat.

We use the most sophisticated weather diagnostic technology, weather spotters strategically located around the greater Akron region, service and maintain all our own equipment, and we also provide laborers to clear walks, entranceways and steps. We also offer our clients the option of completely removing the snow from their property, thus freeing up more space for parking and/or loading/unloading.

We own our own salt trucks, plows, trucks, end loader, maintenance facility and 2-way radios. We offer our clients monthly invoicing and we’re easy to do business with.

The bottom line is that if you want to deal with trustworthy businesspeople that happen to be in the snow removal business, we’re your best bet!

Serving Greater Akron, Barberton, Norton, Doylestown, New Franklin and Copley.Snow Removal. Snow Plowing. Saltining and Ice Control